Advent of Code 2023

The “Advent of Code 2023” begins, and I’m going back to the coding puzzle bakery.

With puzzles and creativity through the Advent of Code 2023

The “Advent of Code" is a fascinating online event that has been taking place every December since 2015 and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. It is a special kind of Advent calendar, in which new programming tasks are set every day. These tasks are designed to be suitable for various skill levels and can be solved in any programming language. What makes the "Advent of Code” special is the opportunity to find creative solutions that even allow the use of possibly unconventional tools such as Excel.

The “Advent of Code” was created by Eric Wastl and is aimed at both beginners and experienced developers. Participation does not require in-depth computer science knowledge, just basic programming and problem-solving skills. The challenges are designed so that they can be solved on ten-year-old hardware in a maximum of 15 seconds, which ensures accessibility for a broad user base.

A new attempt

I'm taking part again this year, and I am excited about the challenges ahead. Last time, my participation in the “Advent of Code” was an exciting but short experience. After seven days, I sadly realized that I didn't have the opportunity to continue participating in the daily challenges. However, this experience did not discourage me, but rather motivated me to try again this year.

I am sharing my progress and solutions in the associated GitHub-Repository to both track my development and potentially offer helpful perspectives to other participants. I invite you to give feedback or share ideas.

It's another great opportunity to learn together and inspire each other.

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